Mike Duffy Memorial Award

Mike Duffy


The Mike Duffy Memoria Award is given to a Bantam Player who demonstrated the most sportsman like play during the entire tournament .


The 2019 Winner is Sam Howatt from the Charlottetown Abbies #2! Congratulations Sam!

The 2018 Winner is Liam Craig from the Charlottetown Abbies #2

The 2017 Winner is Ethan Smith from the Pownal Red Devils #3

The 2016 Winner is Austin Banks from the Tyne Valley Tornadoes

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Oct 15, 2017
Weather Policy

Our weather policy for the tournament is that we do not cancel games due to the weather. We will evaluate the situation on a case by case basis. For example, if a team cannot make it to a game due to the weather, the team does not automatically forfeit the game. The ruling committee will deal with the situation and will make a decision at the time.

Dec 24, 2019

Volunteers Needed!

This could be the last year of the George Trainor Holiday Classic as we did not get any volunteers to replace key positions as most of the current members are retiring from the committee after this year's tournament.  The George Trainor Holiday Classic Organizing Committee is looking for volunteers in various sections such as Chairman, Hospitality, Rink Managers, etc. We are committed to providing a quality tournament for all House League hockey players. If you are interested in helping with the tournament in the coming year please contact me, Pierre Goyette, at 902-628-0692 or email at gthcregistrar@gmail.com

Dec 27, 2019

Keough's Photo Prize Winners

We would also like to thank Chris Keough from the Photo Guy that has been supporting the tournament from the very beginning in 2005. Chris give one player from each division a free Action Shot photo. please check out our Webpage for the list of winners https://www.georgetrainorholidayclassic.ca/keough_s_photo_a…
To claim your prize contact Chris situated at the Bell Aliant Centre in the lobby. Please contact Chris before your game so that he can have a picture ready for you.

Dec 27, 2019

Chuckies Sports Prize Winners

Thank You To Chuckies Sports of Excellence our Major sponsor that has been supporting our tournament for the past 7 years. Chuckies gives out 8 $20 gift certificates per division. Please check out our website for a list of winners at https://www.georgetrainorholidayclassic.ca/chuckies_player_… . To claim your prize please come see us at the tournament office located between the rinks at the Bell Aliant Centre during the tournament.